Craig von Chamier


While today’s technologies have drastically changed, the concept of success, both mine and the customer’s, is still rooted in the customer experience….

My devotion to technology came from the ground up, starting with hardware, and moving to development. It was exciting times with the birth of the technology revolution, the Millennium bug and the invention of the internet. The possibilities were endless and the seed was planted for how technology could support businesses and their teams. It was all about the customer journey, I learned that the customer is everything; and my success depended the ability of customers to embrace and adopt new technology.

Fast forward 20 years.  While technology will always be changing, long term success is still rooted in a positive customer experience. My time as an on-the-ground employee, independent contractor, and business owner, highlighted to me the challenges of creating lasting change in a workplace when addressing the needs of companies and SaaS providers.

I came to the realisation that this change comes with building relationships with companies. I saw the future in working together, utilising the skills that to realise solutions not only in terms of of software development but driving change within companies to meet the business needs as well as the target market.